"I use songs as a means of teaching technique"

How long is each lesson? How often are lessons?
Lessons are thirty minutes long, once a week.
Can I take lessons once or twice a month?
Yes, but I cannot guarantee the same time slot for each lesson. That said, I recommend weekly lessons because that is the best way to encourage and monitor progress. If a student has financial or time constraints, I recommend taking weekly lessons for a one or two month period.
How much do lessons cost?
Lessons are $30 each. Usually there are four weeks in a month, so the average monthly cost is $120. I prefer payment at the beginning of each month, but other payment plans are available. I accept cash or check.
Do I have to pay for missed lessons?
Yes. If you give at least 24 hours notice, however, I will reschedule the lesson.
If you miss due to medical or weather emergency, you will not be charged.
What do we do in the lessons?
I have a hands-on, student-centered approach; we choose songs, and learn to play them. If the student wishes, I provide vocal coaching on lead and harmony singing.

For beginners, we learn basic chords and strums, then proceed to learn favorite songs. We start with the easiest ones first, of course! I encourage students to learn how to read music, but I do not require it.

For intermediate and advanced students, we delve into the style you are most interested in, learning rhythm patterns, scales, and picking techniques. I always use songs as a means of teaching technique.In each lesson we review what the student has practiced during the week, and introduce new material for practice in the coming week.
How much practice is required?
For beginners, 15-20 minutes a day is adequate.
Intermediate and advanced students may wish to practice 30 minutes or more per day.
What do I need to bring to my first lesson?
Bring your instrument, and any books, CDs, i-Pod tunes, tabs, or sheet music you have been working with. If you do not have any materials, I will suggest some. If you play electric guitar, you will not need to bring a cord or amp.
How old does a student need to be to start lessons?
Age eight is usually the youngest age to start guitar. The physical requirements for holding the guitar and pressing on the strings are hard for younger children. However, I am always willing to assess your child’s readiness if she or he is eager to begin at an earlier age.
What days and times do you teach lessons?
I teach Monday thru Saturday—morning, afternoon, and evening times are available.
Do you have student recitals?
I hold two recitals each year at the Mill Restaurant in Iowa City. I consider the recitals a great performance opportunity for students, and I organize them as much like a performance as possible. Students who choose to participate rehearse and perform their song with a full band.

Local musicians work with us to provide a rhythm section and back-up vocals. Students learn to play with a whole band, sing into microphones, and deal with issues that can arise on live gigs. Students, parents, family members, and friends always enjoy the recitals.
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